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Racing The Planet organizes awesome marathon events all over the globe. For their newest additions the "Maratones Del Vino" series I was asked to create a logo. Since the concept of the race includes a lot of wine tasting while actually running A LOT of miles I had to have a few glasses of red while working on it. Only a few, promise.

Kat Roma is a Australian arts manager, producer and perfomance maker currently based in Hong Kong. I created the stationery for her successful business.
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Anton Friedrich is an architect and designer with many facets.
I developed a logo using his initials to visualise his main field of work - architecture.
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I´m always one for supporting good causes and campaigns. And the goal, to create a quality radio landscape in my home town Dresden/Saxony was more than that. My team from koenixkinder and I showed our support in creating a logo, print collateral and awesome posters and of course a website.

All that helped to collect more than 3500 signatures. Without success, listening to public radio in Dresden still is a pain in the ear.

*with my team at koenixkinder.com
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koenixkinder´s master copywriter Robert needed a fresh identity and online portfolio. Out of the question that we took care of it straight away. A clean, nice and personal look for the website along with a slash type logo. Done! *with my team at koenixkinder.com